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Moved to Nanyate?!
December 18th, 2007
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you my new permanent blog at

I will no longer update this site. However, this site will still remain for the enjoyment of CSS galleries and magazines that feature me. This is the least I can do for my fellow designers and those who kindly featured me. Thank you very much Design Meltdown, Smashing Magazine, Dr. Web and Coliss.

New Layouts!!
September 25th, 2007
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Just not on IvyTan.Net. Oops. I’ve been very busy re-designing Leave The Pack Behind’s website and Malaysian Singaporean Students’ Association websites. Most the actual design work is done, with a few bugs that still need to be exterminated, as well with content that needs to be added/updated.

Malaysian Singaporean Students’ Association

I designed this around June 2007. The color scheme is slate blue and light red. Their both variations of the Singaporean and Malaysian flags bright colors. IMO, it’s really tacky to have too much brightness on a page. Oh and the header graphic was taken by a friend who is a professional photographer in Malaysia.

Leave The Pack Behind (UofT)

This was designed over the course of this week. I kept changing things because I wasn’t able to find a suitable navigation. Initially, it was meant to be inspired by Mac OS X’s dock, but it just didn’t fit. Or rather, it would taint my record of originality, so I tried my hand in installing MooTools. I’ve never really delved into the world of JavaScript , so figuring out made me so proud of myself! (EGO BOOST!!) The navigation is using the Accordion script. BTW, I haven’t seen any sites using Accordion as a navigation panel - most of them use them for the actual content. I personally think it’s more functional as a navigation panel. I smell a new trend started by yours truly, again? (Yes, it’ll take a few hours for the super ego boost to wash off.) The color scheme of orange and green isn’t really mine. It belongs to the organization. I just gave them a slightly yellowish tint to match my pink.

What do you guys think?

Coupon for WebHostingBuzz
August 21st, 2007
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Don’t worry this isn’t one of them PayPerPost sites where all bloggers seem to love and hate so much. My host has given me 100% uptime and treated me very well since the beginning so I’m just recommending them to anyone who needs a website.

Anyways, my host WebHostingBuzz just sent me an exclusive coupon code that gives a 25% discount on whatever they order. This code will be valid from 20th August to 1st September.

Coupon Code: webhostingbuzz

Their shared hosting prices are as follows:

Shared Hosting Prices

And you get:

  1. Unlimited FTP Accounts
  2. Unlimited Domain Addons
  3. Unlimited Domain Sub-domains
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  5. Fantastico: Wordpress auto-install/update
  6. Lotsa other stuff!

Click to WebHostingBuzz!

They also have reseller, dedicated and semi-dedicated hosting. The coupon code can also be used for these other services. I also have a review on them at my host review page here.

Site Updates!
The iRadio has been drastically updated. I’ve deleted ‘Party Tracks’, added “Acoustic” and renamed “Salsa” to include Bossa Nova and R&B-styled Reggaeton. (No, not all reggaeton tracks sound like Gasolina!) You’ll get the idea when you listen to Daddy Yankee’s Coraza Divina. Oh and a bunch of songs have been deleted and a lot more have been uploaded.

To those who are new to this site, my music is centered around Korean music, lightly flavored with English, Spanish, French & Japanese music. Enjoy!

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